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Hey there!
My name is Kyle Gray

Hi, I'm Kyle Gray!

I am a self-taught Technologist. I dabble in many areas but my main focus right now is Java and web developement. However I also enjoy graphic design and playing around with linux server and desktop enviroments.


About Me

Homebase is currently Vancouver
Oh Beautiful British Columbia, I enjoy living in Vancouver as much for the nature and wilderness as for the (some-what) big city vibes. Vancouver is a fairly progressive city with tons of great culture and food, and as a Vegan🌱 I especially appreciate the plethora of plant-based resteraunts it has to offer.
When I am not on my computer being a nerd I am outside either hiking, running, or camping!β›Ί



IVIN is a VIN Barcode scanning app designed for the logistics industry, specifically the automotive sector.

IVIN works by scanning a vehicles unique identification number barcode which all modern vehicles have on their chassis. By collecting and attaching data to specific VINs we are able to keep track of what work has been performed on which vehicles and which services we need to invoice our customers for. Also in the case of long term storage it helps us to identify when each unit is due for periodic servicing.

To Download Sample Android App Click HereπŸ‘ˆ


Bartender is a simple barcode generator app created to generate "CODE 128" Barcodes. It was designed for a client who needed an easy way to print barcode sheets for inventory management control.

Special thanks to
Noah Lanphear for my display picture πŸ“·
My brother Chad for being my dev partner πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ
My Life Partner Martha for all her love, support, and patience ❀️